One Step At a Time

Here you are again. 5 a.m. – the alarm goes off. You roll out of bed, stumbling to get ready and face the day. You start to question why on earth you are up so early. As you grab your shoes and start to lace up, you tell yourself getting started is the hardest part, and it will be much better once you start moving. You set your watch, and out the door you go.

You take your first couple of steps, and start to pick up the pace to that “comfortable” jogging speed. As you get going, you realize how much this sucks … and how that is all the more reason to be doing it.

First mile in – not terrible – so you keep going. You keep going until you realize you are over 3 miles in without stopping. To most people in the running world, 3 miles is chump change. A length used to warm up for the rest of their run. But to you, it is 3x further than you have run at one time (especially without stopping) in years. It is 3x further than you expected yourself to push through. So as far as you concerned, you won that battle.

As you take your cool down walk, you remind yourself how important it is to remember that all it takes is one step at a time. With each step, you get one step closer to that goal. One step closer to the finish line. One step closer to going further than you ever thought possible.

Just remember, one step at a time in the direction you want to go. You may surprise yourself with the outcome.


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