Hi, I’m Kelli. I am an athlete, a coach, and a health and wellness enthusiast. I live to eat, sleep, read, write, lift, and love. I believe in a well-balanced life, full of passion and focus, with a sprinkle of organized chaos.

I hold a degree in English Lit and a minor in Nutrition/Health and Wellness. I am Certified Level I CrossFit Coach and Certified Strongman Coach, with experience as a Personal Trainer, CrossFit Coach, and Nutritional Guidance Coach.

It was through personal experience and education that I have learned how important a balanced life is. I believe that balance is key to leading a successful life on all levels. This balance is what I call “Equipoise Living“.

Equipoise Living is the art of balance and self sufficiency in all aspects of life. This blog is about the journey towards balance – for health, home, life and work.


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